Frequently Asked Questions

Who proctors the exam?

Any sponsoring teacher or homeschool parent may proctor the exam. The teacher/homeschool parent selects one day during the testing window to administer the exam to all registered students. All students must take the exam on the same date. Students absent on the day of administration will NOT be able to participate. We are unfortunately unable to issue refunds.

What is the exam format?

There are 40 multiple choice questions, including at least one visual question. All questions are in English. For examples of prior exams, please see Prior Exams.

Exam sponsors may offer either a paper or an online version of the exam. All students must use the same exam format. Please note that sponsors who choose the online exam option must ensure that all students taking the exam have access to either a computer or tablet that connects to the Internet to access All students must take the exam in the same room on the same date using computer or tablet screens that the sponsor can monitor.

How long do students have to take the exam?

Students are allowed 40 minutes to complete the exam.

What are the exam fees?

There are two fees: a per-student fee of $4 and a school registration fee of $15 ($25 for schools outside of the US). Homeschool students will still have to pay the school registration fee. The Medusa will waive the school fee for sponsors that offer to print the Medusa tests and scantron sheets themselves (about 3 pages per student).

What are the technical requirements needed for students to be able to take the ONLINE version of the exam?

The online version of the Medusa Mythology Exam is hosted by Quia has technical requirements available at

If you are experiencing any technical problems with administering the exam, you should email Quia's technical support at If you cannot access, it is likely that your school or district's firewall is blocking this site. You should contact your technical support department and request that be granted access through the firewall. If you are still having issues, you should contact Quia at

How can I become involved with the Medusa Exam Committee?

Please send a short bio to